Tibetan Incense

Our Tibetan incense is all natural and handmade in Kathmandu Nepal and India. Only herbal and natural ingredients. Most of our incense is made by the Nuns at the Kopan Nunnery in Kathmandu to raise funds for their charitable works in Nepal.

In Tibetan medicine, incense is regarded as a way of treatment for various ailments. This information can be found in Tibetan medical books which originated from the four Tantra’s (Root Tantra, Tantra of Enlightenment, Tantra of Instructions, Concluding Tantra) which is also known as Gyudbzhi in Tibetan. It is the central work upon which contemporary Tibetan medicine is based. Tibetan medical theory states that everything in the universe is made up of the 5 proto-elements: sa (earth), chu (water), me (fire), Lung (wind or air), and Nam-mkha (space). But only four play a role in the classification of our illnesses, except Nam-mkha. Each element contains eight active forces and 17 qualities. Some of these elements are contained in our three bodily energies and their imbalance affects the equilibrium of the three ‘fluids’ (Lung, mkhrispa and badkan).

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